Murdoch University

Supporting the Murdoch University Chiropractic Clinic, VCS and CMB Recourses is privileged to assist with donations that allow the free student chiropractic clinic to travel the north west and offer services into indigenous communities. Not only is this a fantastic initiative that has many benefits to those who normally get the opportunity to utilise this, it is also a huge learning experience for our up and coming students.

Canning Healthcare joined with VCS and CMB Resources as major supporters of Murdoch chiropractic school's field trips to north-west regions of Western Australia this year. This is the 11th year Murdoch University has run this program for students in their fifth and final year of chiropractic. Dr Lyndon Woods once again lead the team as Project Co-ordinator and supervising clinician and he was joined this year by Dr Bill Hayward, Australia's first indigenous Chiropractor.

For the second year in a row VCS and CMB have supported the Murdoch University Chiropractic Student trip north to offer healthcare assistance to WAs remote north. The trip commences 5th August 2017 and is always very well received by the community and is a fantastic initiative. It is also sponsored by FMG and Gumala. 

South Hedland Football Club

The South Hedland Football Club who won the league premiership in 2015, is proudly supported by VCS in their quest continue in their winning form within the North Pilbara Football League. A continuously improving who club has just developed its own clubhouse at Kevin Scott oval is growing from strength to strength led by their president Barry Taylor. 


Ellenbrook Eels Football Club

VCS has been sponsoring Perth based Ellenbrook Senior Football Club for many years and has continued a strong relationship as this ever growing club heads into their finals campaign in 2016. Ellenbrook has just moved into their new facility that was built to support the growing player and supporter base that includes two ovals, four change rooms, clubrooms and function centre.

Matt Dukes - Cliffs NR Ping Pong Event

Last year a colleague of Matt's organised a 24 hour ping pong event raising money to prevent trafficking and exploitation in South East Asia. This year it has gone one step further and organised a team for the event!

The Perth City Pong event will be held at The Quadrant on Thursday 6th and Friday 7th October. A number of companies and individuals have signed up to play in three hour (day) shifts and this includes a Cliffs team.

The event is part of Ping Pong-a-thon, an Australian-wide event which aims to engage people in an issue we often ignore. The Pong partners with nine organisations working in prevention, street-level intervention, new futures and justice. As an example, one of the partners is International Justice Mission (IJM).

In Cebu, the Philippines, IJM are combating the sex trafficking and cybersex trafficking of children. IJM’s team of lawyers, investigators and social workers partner with local authorities to rescue and restore victims of trafficking and put the perpetrators behind bars. Since 2006, IJM have seen a sustained 79% reduction in the number of minors being trafficked into the commercial sex trade in Cebu. The 2016 Pong is partnering with IJM to fund the salary of Filipino lawyers and social workers to bring justice to victims of sex trafficking.

This year, the PPAT organisation has progressed and received Public Benevolent Institute status and approval from the ATO that all donations are tax deductible.